Clean & complete business partner data

Fast & error-free maintenance of your business partner data

When creating or updating customer and supplier records, our Data Cleansing & Enrichment application enables a real-time search of business partners in over 60 connected, trusted reference data sources. All available information is combined in a Golden Record and can be imported quickly and easily.

Business partner address curation

Address cleansing & enrichment

Our software solution enables the standardization, enrichment, cleansing, translation, and geo-coding of your business partner addresses. This functionality is key to enabling cross-corporate and cross-country data management because it helps to deal with different languages, abbreviations, and country-specific writing rules of addresses.

Enrichment of legal forms & addresses, tax numbers & company status

Business Partner Cleansing & Enrichment

Correct data of legal entities are prerequisites for proper invoicing, authority tax reporting, or reliable compliance checks. At the same time, manual data maintenance is time-consuming and error-prone due to the various country-specific reference data sources.

By checking against 1,500 data quality rules and more than 60 reference data sources, we enrich missing information in your business partner data, correct incorrect attributes, and make your data fit for purpose.

In-depth business partner information

Business Partner profiles

In-depth analyses and ratings of business partners, such as customer segmentation, often require additional information that is difficult to collect because it is scattered across many data sources. Our software solution provides additional business profile information, such as company size, number of employees, or revenue figures without manual research.

More capabilities of our Data Cleansing & Enrichment application

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