Data Quality as a Service

Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) reduces costs in business partner data management

Our CDQ Suite offers companies a fully managed solution to improve the quality of their customer and vendor master data: Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS).

Our data management suite provides our customers with deep insights into the quality of their business partner data. Different packages enable cleansing, enrichment, and deduplication while ensuring up-to-dateness in the long run.

By automating data management processes, our customers avoid the error-prone manual work of creating and maintaining their business partner data. They also significantly reduce their costs.

Our CDQ Suite at a glance

Our Data Quality Assessment & Benchmarking services create in-depth insights and transparency into the quality of your business partner master data. Integrating these services into your data maintenance processes catches data defects at the source and corrects them right away.

Our services come with 1,500+ ready-to-use data quality rules that can be easily customized (e.g., your own critical definitions or data quality rule profiles) and extended to meet your specific process requirements. In addition, our Data Quality Assessment & Benchmarking services also identify duplicates in your database.

Many core business processes require correct and reliable business partner data. Our Data Cleansing and Enrichment services enable the correction, standardization, and harmonization of business partner data. Our services reduce manual efforts by providing a single interface generated by multiple data sources and providers.

By connecting several trustworthy data sources and combining them in a golden record, the process of creating new or updating existing business partner data becomes much faster and less error-prone. The data records are automatically imported into your ERP or CRM systems, significantly reducing the data maintenance workload.

Keeping customer and vendor master data up-to-date manually is complex and requires a lot of effort. Our Continuous Data Quality Improvement services take over the laborious tasks of monitoring the quality of your business partner data and identifying any changes. This service ensures that your data records are continuously updated, cleansed, and enriched.

In addition, changes are shared with other members in our Data Sharing Community so that several parties shoulder the burden of data maintenance together.

Doing business with companies and affiliates that are sanctioned, embargoed, or non-compliant can result in fines and reputational damage. At the same time, identifying these partners is difficult and requires a lot of effort. We take care of this work for you: Our Risk & Compliance Services monitor sanctions and embargo lists and perform detailed analyses to track down companies that violate compliance requirements.

Our Risk & Compliance services also protect against the ever-increasing number of invoice fraud attempts by providing a community-based trust score for bank account data and by alerting other members of new fraud attempts.

Advantages of CDQ’s Suite at a glance

Ready-to-go from day 1

The CDQ Suite offers a web interface with a simple and easy to use out-of-the-box solution to obtain high supplier and customer ​ data quality.

Assessment & data-driven benchmarking

You get best customer insights through​ benchmarking data for maintenance performance with peers and identification areas for improvement.

Automated data enrichment based on external data sources

One single gateway to 60+ global sources and 1,500+ data quality rules automatically enrich your data records.

Best-in-class domain knowledge and​ guided methods​

CDQ’s platform for collaborative data management is built on 15 years of data management know-how, 200+ projects and research-based expertise.​

Data quality at entry and highest​ level of integration​

Thanks to deep integration into customers’ backend systems, the CDQ suite improves data quality right at the source, avoiding manual mistakes and lowering maintenance efforts.

Continuous improvements based on ​alerts & data intelligence​

Proactive alerts about data changes (e.g. when data is not correct anymore), credit risks, vendor blacklists, payment fraud attempts, and insolvencies significantly reduce your operational risks and costs.
Collaborative data maintenance

Data Sharing Community

To spread the effort of keeping data up to date, CDQ has established the Data Sharing Community, where companies collaboratively maintain their customer and vendor master data. Our members can share data quality rules, peer-validated data, and best practices with each other or enrich their records with trusted public sources.

Data Sharing Community

Leading enterprises rely on our data quality expertise

CDQ has over 15 years of data management know-how and has built a strong track record in data quality management. Our customers, globally successful companies, already benefit from innovative DQaaS solutions that are built on our practice-proven and research-based expertise.

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