Why maintain your customer and supplier master data by yourself when you can share the burden with others? That's exactly why we established Data Sharing Community, that enables a smarter way to manage data! Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) for business partner data combined with cross-industry knowledge exchange and a great community vibe - a unique experience to boost your data management!

Data Sharing Community: unique approach to master data

Shareconomy for better customer and supplier master data

Despite competing in the market, when it comes do master data management, companies can only benefit from collaborative master data management in business partner domain. Shared data quality rules, peer-validated data, and ongoing exchange of best practices give community members the know-how and the right tools to overcome the usual master data managament challenges:

  • Quickly enrich master data records
  • Effectively combat duplicates in your system
  • Improve your data quality thanks to smart usage of public and commercial reference data sources 
  • Keep your master data up-to-date with automated updates on business partner records
  • Learn how others cope with similiar issues

Our Data Sharing Community has more than 200 million records in its data pool: they are constantly being maintained and expanded through the use of more than 2,100 data quality rules and the integration of more than 70 trustworthy reference data sources. The CDQ Cloud Platform offers all of this in a secure and highly scalable cloud environment.

Data Sharing Community: Collaborative Data Maintenance

Customer voices about the CDQ Data Sharing Community

Boost your data sharing capabilities with the Data Sharing Community

Workshops and Jour Fixe sessions

Data Sharing Community meets twice a year for a two-day workshop and keeps in remote touch for Jour Fixe websessions organized every second month. During these events, members get the latest product information, exchange good practices in managing business partner data and discuss new ideas for feature development.


Feb 28: Jour Fixe (online)
Apr 19-20: Workshop (onsite)
Jun 13: Jour Fixe (online)
Sep 12-13: Workshop (onsite)
Nov 14: Jour Fixe (online)

Impressions from the last Data Sharing Community workshop.
>> Read the event summary on our blog.

Data Sharing Community: a beautiful world of master data management

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Mature services and sophisticated algorithms are good - but even better combined with a community of skilled and experienced data experts. 

Our Data Sharing Community has got you covered!

Leading companies are already members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community