Get Clean for SAP S/4HANA Migration

Less complexity for your SAP transition with clean business partner data


While companies spend millions of Euros and dedicate several years to S/4HANA migrations, here's the catch: if your data isn't set for the transformation, you might as well be burning your money! CDQ software solutions support your preparations for migration, as well as help make the most of S/4HANA environment.

You expect SAP S/4HANA to be lightning-fast...

But speed without precision is simply fast in the wrong direction...  

of business partner records
have critical violations
of business partner records
outdate within 1 year*
of business partner records
are unintended duplicates
*Based on our data quality benchmarks
Towards clean master data

Business partner data fit for S/4HANA implementation

Raising the data quality in various SAP implementations, including migration to S/4HANA, is a topic for many organizations at the moment.

In the business partner domain specifically, the typical challenges of S/4HANA migration are data deduplication, data cleansing, and managing compatibility with existing systems.

CDQ software solutions help you address these challenges. With out-of-the-box mapping to SAP One Domain Model, you can sort, clean, and improve business partner data, as well as import the legacy data into the right data model.

Get your business partner data clean for S/4HANA migration*


Data Scoping


Define scope/focus, e.g., domain: customer, account groups: sold-to, countries: Europe.


Technical Profiler


Is the data extracted correctly? Are there any missing fields? Is the content in the right format and field?


Mapping and Import


How do your data attributes map to the CDQ data model?​


Data Quality Check

Quality Check

Initial measurement of your data quality based on +2300 out-of-the-box data quality rules.


Duplicate Identification and Consolidation


Identification of potential duplicates based on proven CDQ matching algorithm.


Data Cleansing and Enrichment


Enrichment of missing identifiers and alignment of name and address data based on external reference data sources.


Extended Record

Golden Record

Created via script, the result is a consolidated record (from duplicate matching report) with enriched data (from data cleaning & enrichment).


*CDQ-supported get-clean project requires minimum effort on your side and is fully facilitated by our Customer Success Manager and Solution Architect.
All steps in the project can be customized and adapted to your specific needs.

How other companies achieve clean master data with CDQ

CDQ Client Spotlight: Kuehne+Nagel
Effective data cleansing of 4 Mio. global customer records
icon speed
2y to cleanse 80% of data
The first ever global process for clean-up of duplicate customer records included 29 largest countries
icon trust
660,000 duplicates eliminated
equaling 17% of customer records in scope, that used to complicate daily operations and analytics
icon efficiency
Lean review process
for 400 reviewers in various functions of 4 business units of Kuehne+Nagel
Spotlight K+N

In the project, we not only eliminated thousands of duplicates, but developed a sustainable cleansing approach, including global duplicate definitions, a cross-company review process and an innovative review tool

Dr. Andreas Nohn
Senior Data Scientist
CDQ Client Spotlight: Dräger
Boosting Trust and Efficiency
icon trust
98% duplicate free
creation of Sold-To customer master data records and 87%-95% “first time right” data quality in participating countries
icon efficiency
50% time saving
for customer creation across SAP and CRM systems

CDQ offers a single platform for maintenance, assurance of 1st time right, duplicate avoidance and integration of external data. It's web based, easy to use and workflow supported.

Eva Schultze
Director Global Data Management
CDQ Client Spotlight: Bayer AG
Effective data improvement for one of Germany's biggest mergers
icon speed
10 weeks
1.3 Mio BP data records from Bayer and Monsanto merged and improved within 10 weeks
icon trust
of duplicates identified correctly
icon efficiency
80,000 less duplicates
Duplicates can slow down decisions and processes

A merger of this size needed the best data management approach we know. With CDQ, we could deliver faster and better!

Gerhard Gripp
Global Data Lead M&A
CDQ Client Spotlight: Rheinmetall
Cost avoidance and less duplicates through data cleansing
icon speed
83 companies, 15 systems, 1.5y
The central data team coordinated data owners in all 6 business divisions to clean up ca. 300,000 records.
icon trust
60% duplicates and legacy data identified
Both today’s business processes and the S/4HANA program benefit from eliminated duplicates.
Out-of-the-box data validation
CDQ’s +2,500 data quality rules and the mature duplicate algorithm freed up capacities for efficient data cleansing.

Our vision for transitioning to S/4HANA is to start the journey with a foundation of clean data. By ensuring the accuracy and completeness of our data, we will pave the way for a successful migration to the new platform.

Torben Lagerin
Specialist Supply Chain Processes

How CDQ adds value to your S/4HANA transformation



1. Lower costs for the migration with top-notch data quality and precise volume of migrated datasets.

2. Efficiently remove duplicate and legacy records to streamline data across the organization and all divisions.

3. Enhance efficiency of your S/4HANA with accurate data in the system.




1. Validate your business partners against 70+ external data sources for complete and correct data at creation.

2. Consdolidate information from multiple sources to generate Golden Records.

3. With out-of-the-box mapping to SAP ODM, you can import your data records directly into S/4HANA with just one click.




1. Standardize processes for customer and vendor creation to maintain data consistency and accuracy post-migration.

2. Receive business partners updates from registers and CDQ Data Sharing Community, directly into S/4HANA.

3. Facilitate smoother business processes within the new environment.


Free White Paper

Migrate duplicate-free to SAP S/4HANA

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date master data is crucial for organizations of all sizes. Master data, such as business partner information, is often collected and stored in various systems across an organization.

A systematic approach to identify and manage duplicate records within a dataset is particularly critical during significant system changes, updates, or mergers, such as the mandatory migration to SAP S/4HANA by 2027.

Discover a handful of best practices for a seamless S/4HANA migration, along with industry insights and recommendations for efficiently deduplicating your business partner master data.

Get your copy!

Tetra Pak story

Duplicate-free journey to data excellence

Tetra Pak’s ambitious project towards master data excellence started with a major migration to a new version of their CRM tool. What tools, workflows, rules and requirements helped them on the journey?

CDQ services support the governance processes in SAP and enable an error-free onboarding of customers and suppliers without duplicate generation, monitoring of data sources for changes, and furthermore, for building trust in good business partner master data. For more background on Tetra Pak’s successful data quality journey watch the full story.

Go to webinar with Tetra Pak!

Discover the smart data journey with CDQ

Clean your data once and ensure new records are entered correctly to stay clean over time.


Smart Data Journey
Smart data journey with CDQ

Stay clean post-migration to make the most of your S/4HANA

When migrating to SAP S/4HANA, success goes beyond go live. Leverage the benefits of S/4HANA to nurture a dynamic business environment post-transition where every decision and action is fueled by reliable high-quality data in real time. 

Speed up your master data creation with SAP-endorsed solution CDQ First Time Right and create your records from reference. Choose your preferred source for company data and automate your data transfer with quality-assured rule based check against 70 trusted sources and over 2300 ready-to-use data quality rules.

Increase automation with CDQ Zero Maintenance to deliver business partners updates from official registers and the CDQ Data Sharing Community, directly into S/4HANA workflows.

See below how other CDQ Solutions allow even more value and automation for your data maintenance and risk handling

SAP CDQ overview
At a glance

Trusted business partner data for SAP users

SAP-certified First Time Right solution seamlessly pulls in business partner information from trusted external sources, including CDQ Data Sharing Community, commercial data, and public sources. It standardizes data to SAP ODM Business Partner, merges it into a comprehensive dataset, and ensures excellent data quality through AI and ready-to-use data quality rules, so you can boost your data management with:

- Business partner data ready to use in minutes instead of hours
- Experience no latencies or broken dataflows

- Use only up-to-date and complete business partner data
- Automate instead of researching siloed data sources manually

Improved productivity and data quality
- Complete, correct, fit-for-use data from 70+ external data sources provided by CDQ
- Golden Record augmenting results from international registers (including sources like BvD and D&B)

Integration of CDQ First Time Right is available out-of-the-box for SAP Business Suite, S/4HANA on-premise, both private and public cloud deployments through SAP MDG, cloud edition, and SAP MDG on S/4HANA. Visit our blog for more technical details of the solution.

What makes CDQ the right partner for your migration?

In September 2021, CDQ and SAP entered into a strategic investment and collaboration to deliver master data automation for intelligent enterprises. This is the next level of a proven, long-term partnership to offer SAP customers one single gateway for consuming business partner information through CDQ's solutions - accurate data to bring SAP systems faster up to speed.

CDQ has direct connection to the official registries in 44 countries. This gives the benefit of a seamless integration of the original data with no or minimal latencies. Additionally, the data reach from our Data Sharing Community is even wider. Open sources and commercial data sources can be activated and used according to needs to retrieve real time data.​​​​​​​

Algorithm-based Golden Record compiles best possible data in real-time from 70+ trusted data sources, adds missing information and improves data quality with a truly single source of truth.

CDQ First Time Right, also available in SAP store as an SAP-endorsed app utilizes intelligence derived from over 2,300 data quality rules and data sourced from over 70 registers. Integrated into SAP, it enables creation of correct and complete business partners at a click of a button. 

While many companies spend months defining the business partner concept, our experts from CDQ Business Consulting can help to establish a clear scope of the project and support your teams at all stages of implementation.

Ready to reduce complexity of your S/4HANA migration?
See how CDQ software solutions can support your transformation efforts.

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