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Intuitive solutions for better business partner master data quality, enrichment and maintenance

Provide your business users with high quality data that is easily accessible and delivered in a seamless manner. Automate your data management with our software to make sure your business partner master data is always fit for use and supports your organization's competitive advantages in the market.

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Business impacts of bad master data

Data is the lifeblood of business today. But incorrect, outdated customer and supplier data can have many surprising, undesirable consequences throughout you organization. Learn how major business functions can be impacted and how to mitigate the associated risks with an easy to use, cloud-based solution.

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ePaper - Business Impacts of Bad Master Data
Improved business partner master data at reduced costs

Reach new hights with your business partner master data quality

With over 200 million data records powered by more than 2,500 data quality rules and 70+ trusted data sources, our cloud-based platform helps you tackle your data challenges:

  • How strong is data governance in your organization?
  • Do you lack a unified data model?
  • Are you using data quality rules to ensure high quality of business partner master data?

No matter if duplicates, wrong tax identifiers, incomplete addresses, or suspicious bank accounts: our data quality tools precisely identify inaccuracies to ensure trusted customer and vendor data.

Data Quality Rules Example

See how others do it!

With a powerful duo of SAP MDG and CDQ solutions data teams at Sartorius experience a simplified and user friendly process when entering new records into the system. Within a matter of seconds, they create a full-blown customer in the system, without having even touched data. Curious how they do it?

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Touchless data at Sartorius
Smart and efficient way to manage data

Fast & reliable analysis, validation, cleansing, and enrichment with single interface  

With CDQ Cloud Platform you can connect to a wide selection of open and commercial data sources covering over 300 countries worldwide and almost 1000 legal forms. In addtion, our Data Sharing Pool has over 2 million business partner records available for Data Sharing Community members.

CDQ Cloud Platform is ready to use from day one and offers an easy API integration into your IT landscape or can be used as a standalone web app. We also enable one gateway between SAP & CDQ for your flexibility.

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SAP Integration with CDQ

SAP Application Owner
Thorsten Hähnel

The CDQ Suite completed 93% of 4,000 Japanese customer records that were lacking zip codes by recognizing names and addresses! This saved us three weeks of manual work.

Thorsten Hähnel
Business Process Management – Manager of Data Design, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH

Does your management care enough about data quality?

As an experienced data professional, you understand the importance of perfect quality for your business partner data. However, convincing your management and getting C-level buy-in for data quality improvements might be a challenge.

That's why we've created this simple guide to help you explain the value of CDQ and how to turn your master data into a valuable asset instead of a potential risk.

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Convince Your Boss Cheat Sheet

Top picks for you

Drive business value with instant transparency of your data quality. Our ready-to-use solution brings one unified performance view that you can set up in four simple steps. Reduce cost to design, run and execute data quality measurement, customize the dashboard to your business needs, and know exactly how and where to invest your efforts.

CDQ Data Quality Cockpit offers easy-to-read graphical view of the current quality of your  customer and supplier master data, giving you full transparency to boost data quality smarter, faster and with higher efficiency.

CDQ Data Quality Cockpit

With 200+ million peer-validated records from 70+ trustworthy reference data sources and a set of 2,500+ data quality rules, you can define, onboard, and maintain the right data for your business relationship.

Native connectivity to data sources and our flexible APIs, let you import complete, reliable, high quality master data into your workflows in a matter of minutes and immediately bring value to your business processes across all the functions. 

Avoid entry errors and reduce maintenance efforts simply by onboarding your business partners first time right.

CDQ First Time Right

Monitor business partners regarding data quality, compliance, and risk to avoid processes failures and ensure timely data cleansing. 

Ready-to-use automation rules help you better data and reduce costs. With configurable criteria of criticality, you import the updates with just one click, or customize your workflows to accept specific changes automatically.  

Verification and enrichment with open (e.g., legal name, legal address, identifier) and commercial data sources (e.g., industry, directors, hierarchies)​ and data deduplication results in continuous increase of data quality for all downstream processes.

CDQ Zero Maintenance

CDQ Data Sharing Community makes the concept of collaborative data management tangible. The members of our Data Sharing Community manage their customer and vendor data collaboratively, saving time and money while improving data quality.

The Data Sharing Community meets twice a year for a two-day workshop and in addition every two months for web-based sessions. During these events, member companies receive latest product information, present good practices in managing business partner data and discuss new ideas for feature development.

CDQ Data Sharing Community

At a glance

Automate your business partner data lifecycle

  • Complete, correct, fit-for-use data from 70+ external data sources provided by CDQ 
  • Access to commercial data sources like Bureau van Dijk and Dun & Bradstreet 
  • Over 2,500 out of the box and fully customizable data quality rules
  • Data normalization, translation, correction and enrichment via reference data sources
  • Easy technical setup and direct accessibility for users via web app or system integration
  • Compatibility with SAP One Domain Model for seamless integration experience
  • CDQ communities for first-hand updates, industry co-innovation and exchange
  • One-stop provision of services to customers

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More data management knowledge

On-demand library

In our free webinars, our experts, customers, and partners present current and interesting topics in master data management, data sharing, and data quality management of CDQ and the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ).

Webinar: How Schwarz masters data centralization
Research & innovation
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Meet Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) - a research consortium and Europe's leading expert community for data management. Benefit from a cross-industry network, knowledge sharing, and research & co-innovation.

CC CDQ Data Management Research & Innovation
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The CDQ Academy provides professional courses in the area of data management. This specialized program has been built in response to the widespread need for practical master data management training. Since 2013, more than 700 participants have benefited from the data quality management expertise of CDQ and the University of Lausanne.

CDQ Academy