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Improved user experience and process automation for managing your business partner master data

To run and innovate business processes while maintaining high level of user acceptance, requires a lot of effort. Leverage CDQ’s long-established partnership with SAP and our joint value proposition to satisfy not only your organization’s business digitalization needs, but also your data management users.

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Seamless SAP experience powered by CDQ capabilities

Make business processes faster and more efficiently 

Versed with your organization’s business processes as well as industry norms and best practices, you play a vital role for all business departments. CDQ brings together experts with many years of SAP expertise to help you achieve your goals faster.  

  • Improved usability and process automation to reduce costs
  • Out-of-the-box integration based on SAP One Domain Model to boost user experience and increase acceptance
  • Top data quality to give you better insights for your projects

And: a helping hand along the way: not only from your dedicated Customer Success Manager, but also from the community.  

Tackle SAP challenges collaboratively

We wanted to give several companies a chance to first exchange whether they have same questions and then jointly share collected feedback with SAP MDG Product Management. As a result, we started SAP MDG Focus Group to bring together professionals dealing with similar challenges.

Operating since 2015, we were able to establish a solid relationship with SAP. Join us to share best practices, collaboratively prioritize requirements for SAP MDG and exchange ideas.

Dr. Markus Eurich​
SAP MDG Focus Group Lead​
Head of Knowledge Management, CDQ
Markus Eurich Testimonial
One gateway between SAP & CDQ for your flexibility

Solid partnership your business can leverage out-of-the-box 

Sealed with strategic investment from SAP in 2021, a fruitful cooperation with CDQ had begun much earlier, as we were recognized for delivering highly automated master data management solutions on a global scale.  

We have joined forces to deliver plug & play solution for SAP MDG, cloud edition that enables one-click onboarding of new business partners data from reference sources. Marking common values and ambitions, CDQ also offers an SAP endorsed app CDQ First Time Right


See how others do it!

Watch how Tetra Pak re-defined approach to data governance and optimizing end-to-end master data management processes with CDQ quality-ensured business partner enrichment integrated directly in the SAP Master Data Governance ecosystem. 

Go to Tetra Pak and SAP Story 

Tetra Pak | SAP | CDQ

Top picks for you

With 200+ million peer-validated records from 70+ trustworthy reference data sources and a set of 2,500+ data quality rules, you can define, onboard, and maintain the right data for your business relationship.

Native connectivity to data sources and our flexible APIs, let you import complete, reliable, high quality master data into your workflows in a matter of minutes and immediately bring value to your business processes across all the functions. 

Avoid entry errors and reduce maintenance efforts simply by onboarding your business partners first time right.

CDQ FIrst Time Right

Monitor business partners regarding data quality, compliance, and risk to avoid processes failures and ensure timely data cleansing. 

Ready-to-use automation rules help you better data and reduce costs. With configurable criteria of criticality, you import the updates with just one click, or customize your workflows to accept specific changes automatically.  

Verification and enrichment with open (e.g., legal name, legal address, identifier) and commercial data sources (e.g., industry, directors, hierarchies)​ and data deduplication results in continuous increase of data quality for all downstream processes.

CDQ Zero Maintenance

Save time, reduce compliance risk, and avoid any duplicates by using Look up and Create functionality in SAP MDG, cloud edition. Connected directly to CDQ Cloud Services, it provides a web search experience for your business partner data in a convenient user interface.  

With easy technical setup and direct accessibility, this game changing integration brings the best of CDQ First Time Right capabilities to your SAP landscape with zero IT fatigue and a flexible API-first approach. 

Gain more efficiency and trust when creating master data records and at the same time elevate your master data quality. 

SAP integration with CDQ

At a glance

Unlock your business process innovation with CDQ 

  • Compatibility with SAP One Domain Model for seamless integration experience
  • Customizable level of automation
  • Flexible API approach enabling further configurations 
  • Improved process efficiency with no latencies or broken dataflows 
  • Easy technical setup and direct accessibility for the users 
  • Complete, correct, fit-for-use data from 70+ external data sources provided by CDQ 
  • Access to commercial data sources like Bureau van Dijk and Dun and Bradstreet 
  • First-hand updates and regular exchange with SAP Product Management for SAP
  • SAP MDG Focus Group members

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