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We emerged from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and are a proud global pioneer in data sharing with more than 18 years of data management expertise.

We deliver 100% data quality with zero maintenance for data-driven organizations.


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CDQ Timeline

  • Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is founded at the University of St. Gallen, as a research consortium and expert community for data management.
  • The discussion on data quality gains momentum with the growing number of members
  • Today it still stands as thought leadership in data domain and remains a source of innovation with a strong practical relevance for our partner companies.
Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ)
  • CDQ data management framework is leveraged in a growing number of bilateral projects with partner companies.
  • Close proximity to the market, trust among community members and best practices shared around improving data quality bring about a fresh idea.
  • An idea that will turn the tables for data professionals.


Data Sharing: A brief history of a crazy idea
2011 – 2015
  • Projects and research with multinational companies continue: from data maturity assessments, data strategies, data governance concepts, and implementations to data cleansing.
  • An intense time exploring business rules, data quality metrics, metadata management, collaborative management of business partner data.
  • CDQ’s first software-based services are being successfully rolled out.
Data Quality Rules
  • CDQ initiates software business and starts to shape the idea of data sharing.
  • First workshop of Data Sharing Community (back then called Corporate Data League) takes place in Swiss Interlaken, and member companies begin to jointly maintain business partner data.
  • Built upon solid relationships, Data Sharing Community offers a unique platform for exchange with data practitioners from leading companies.
Data Sharing Community
  • New services and apps are continuously developed along with collaboration processes.
  • More client and vendor data is available for Data Sharing Community members.
  • Our partnership with Bisnode results in additional external data sources - members of Data Sharing Community can benefit from D&B's corporate hierarchy information without additional integration effort.
Reference data sources
  • CDQ is recognized as a Sample Vendor in the Interenterprise MDM category in Gartner Hype Cycle for Data and Analytics Governance and Master Data Management 2020.
  • We deliver and measure real business value with a unique approach to data sharing. 
  • Our customers save up to 60% of data maintenance costs, and prevent risks like falling for invoice fraud.
CDQ recognized as a Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle 2020
  • CDQ announces strategic investment and collaboration with SAP.
  • This partnership helps to unlock the full potential of master data automation and significantly reduces the manual efforts of our joint customer base.
  • We deliver highly automated master data management solutions on a global scale, including master data quality, master data governance and master data sharing capabilities.
CDQ announces strategic investment and collaboration with SAP
  • A new standard for managing business partner master data.
  • Following a thorough qualification process, CDQ First Time Right app is officially recognized as an innovative complement to SAP solution offering in business partner master data optimization.
  • Our market proximity through the community-based approach enables CDQ to quickly capture customer needs and adapt our offering.
CDQ First Time Right

CDQ is a people’s company. This is our culture and our values:


We know that data sharing is the best way to better data. At CDQ, we make sharing reality – it is part of our DNA. Sharing is important for us in many more aspects: we share knowledge, successes and failures together as one team.


Data sharing, as 'the next big thing’, is a giant opportunity for all of us and we want to be the leading light. We must grow fast and strong to use this window of opportunity. Additionally, we want to grow our knowledge and expertise as well as our own personalities - we are open to suggestions and feedback by others.


We set ourselves ambitious goals to make data sharing happen and try to overachieve our targets together as a team. We challenge the status quo, we seek continuous improvement to deliver the best possible services to our internal and external clients and we co-innovate with our community.


We are focused in order to achieve growth, high customer satisfaction, innovation and a unique product. In this fast-paced environment we prioritize on what will give us and our customers greatest impact. We work as one team focused on the same goals.


We respect everyone, we interact respectfully and talk at eye level. At CDQ, you can come as you are. When dealing with any form of company resources (personal, financial, environmental) we act responsibly. 

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