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Companies want data they can rely on, but data changes quickly

How can they keep up with the heavy burden of data maintenance? With constantly cleaned and enriched data, we help you create trusted supplier and customer master data that paves the way to seamless data-driven processes, better business decisions, and to maximize the potential of data for true innovation. CDQ brings master data automation to the data economy. Our vision for your data: zero maintenance, 100% quality.

CDQ enables large enterprises to tackle data quality and data maintenance efforts collaboratively. This results in high data quality with low manual efforts for our customers. We achieve this by validating against 1,500+ data quality rules, continuously updating existing records, and enriching missing information. Pulling from more than 60 external reference data sources such as open data, commercial registers, third-party services, and shared data from the community, we are able to achieve the best data quality. CDQ emerged from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and has more than 15 years of data management expertise, and has spent years on researching how to create and maintain trusted data.

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Publication: The Data Value Formula

Today, access to valuable data is a superpower. But just having a lot of data is not enough. In their recent e-book, CDQ data experts from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) explain how to turn data into business value using a simple model – the Data Value Formula.

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Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ)

Our customers benefit from solutions that are built on our practice-proven and research-based expertise. Our communities are the collective power of global best-practices.


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