CDQ First Time Right

A smart take on how to create business partner quickly and ensure high quality master data from the start

Master data creation is the starting point of any business relationship and sets the path forward for all subsequent business processes. Begin the right way and with accurate business partner master data at entry point to steer your supplier and customer data management activities in the right direction.
Correct and complete master data

Business partner data creation always right with CDQ First Time Right

When creating customer and supplier records, CDQ First Time Right enables a real-time search of business partners in over 70 open and commercial reference data sources. Based on the set of semantical data quality and validation rules, all available information is combined into a Golden Record and can be easily imported into your enterprise workflows. Avoid entry errors and reduce maintenance efforts simply by onboarding your business partners first time right.

At a glance

Your automated verification for safe and trusted business relationship comes with CDQ First Time Right

  • No more document mining and error-prone manual fatigue
  • Search for existing duplicates in own data records to avoid further replication
  • Complement search in external data sources and create augmented record
  • Open registries complemented by CDQ Data Sharing Pool
  • Address cleansing and enrichment via external address data sources
  • Rule based data quality check ensuring no latencies or broken dataflows
  • Tax identifier qualification against trusted authority services
  • One tool to integrate and direct connection to all relevant data sources
  • CDQ Cloud Services connect you directly with your personal choice of local registers without a time delay
Data entry accuracy in a single interface

Creating master data for solid relationships

Our data quality rule know-how is based on more than 200 data quality projects completed over the last 18 years. The set of 2,500+ defined rules are consistently influenced by our sharing community and updated by CDQ domain experts. Guarding crucial master data creation components, they are key to making your data fit for purpose right from the start. Rule-based quality check at entry point ensures you get only the right data into your workflows without questioning accuracy of data over and over again.

Data Cleansing & Enrichment: Business Partner Data Curation
Markus Mützel

You just enter the company name or tax identification number, and the system enriches the associated supplier data based on internal and/or external data sources.

Markus Mützel
Data Domain Manager Business Partner at Evonik

How others manage data first time right

Watch CDQ First Time Right demo at Fresenius Kabi and find more examples from our customers below!

Powered by SAP

Fresenius Kabi's integration of CDQ First Time Right with into their SAP system, gave the global healthcare leader access to trusted external data sources directly in SAP system and enabled one-click creation and enrichment of business partners. 

Fresenius Kabi
Watch on demand

Upon implementing CDQ First Time Right, 80% of customer data records at Nestle are created in less than 1 day. Automation of data entry reduced global food producer's transaction costs by 14%.

Powered by SAP

Tetra Pak re-defined approach to data governance and optimized end-to-end master data management processes with CDQ quality-ensured business partner enrichment integrated directly in the SAP Master Data Governance ecosystem.

Tetra Pak
Watch on demand

Sartorius share approach to ensuring process automation and reliable customer master data of high quality for their e-shop. Watch how the leading life science industry player automated customer creation and increased data governance with reliable master data.


CDQ First Time Right capabilities

Create secure business partner data at speed

We provide 200+ million peer-validated records from 80+ trustworthy sources and a set of 2500+ data quality rules to help you define, onboard and maintain the right data for your business relationship.  

Thanks to the native connectivity to data sources and our flexible APIs, you can import complete, reliable, high quality master data into your workflows in a matter of minutes and immediately bring value to your business processes across all the functions.

Our data sources
Data quality rules


Enrich business partner to get master data you can trust

Our software solution enables the standardization, enrichment, cleansing, translation, and geo-coding of your business partner legal forms, legal addresses, tax numbers or legal entity data, enabling cross-corporate and cross-country data management.  

CDQ First Time Right helps to deal with different languages, abbreviations, and country-specific writing rules of addresses. With 2,500 data quality rules and 80 reference data sources, business partner data enrichment goes easy: missing information are augmented, incorrect attributes are fixed and your data is fit for purpose in a matter of minute.

Getting clean with First Time Right


Get more efficient with augmented data management

Create augmented record at speed. CDQ Golden Record is calculated for you using all data available to you and ensures transparency of data origin on attribute level. This most complete and validated record is composed of internal and external data sources integrated into the CDQ Suite.

CDQ First Time Right lets you onboard new business partner fast, clean and correct from the start, turning data into source of truth for your business decisions and processes.

CDQ Golden Record


CDQ Suite
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On-demand library

In our free webinars, our experts, customers, and partners present current and interesting topics in master data management, data sharing, and data quality management of CDQ and the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ).

Evonik webinar
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The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is a research consortium and Europe's leading expert community for data management. 

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