Data Cleansing

Get your business partner master data clean not once, but smart!

Data entry errors, system hiccups, duplicates, and inconsistencies - they all lead to inaccuracies and incompleteness, which have serious implications for your business. With a robust master data cleansing process in place, you can ensure that your data is as clean and accurate as possible, no matter what.

Why your customer and vendor master data need to get clean:

of business partner records show
critical violations
of business partner records
outdate within 1 year*
of business partner records are
unintended duplicates
*Based on our data quality benchmarks
Towards clean master data

Data fit for purpose

Correct data of your customers and vendors is a prerequisite for proper invoicing, authority tax reporting, or reliable compliance checks. At the same time, manual data maintenance is time-consuming and error-prone due to the various country-specific reference data sources, as well as volatile business landscape.

By checking against 2,500 data quality rules and more than 70 reference data sources, CDQ gives you a comprehensive tool for handling any missing information in your business partner data, incorrect attributes, or duplicated records, making your data fit for purpose.

Utilize CDQ out of the box services in a structured process to get your master data clean - not just once, but continuously. 

Data Cleansing & Enrichment: Business Partner Data Curation

Getting master data clean is just the beginning

Is one-off clean-up enough?

Get clean to stay clean

At least one data record for your business partners has changed since you have opened this website. We know this because our 'Business Partner Update Monitoring' counts 43K changes every day in address information alone, including minor and major changes.

That's one update every two seconds!

How do you keep track on all other changes include address updates, new financial status, new owners or legal forms, fraud attempts, or bank account changes?

Sustainable approach to maintaining high quality data comes with CDQ Zero Maintenance solutions, that keeps track on all business partner updates and automates your master data monitoring on an ongoing basis. 

Smart Data Journey

Getting data clean with CDQ

CDQ Client Spotlight: Kuehne+Nagel
Effective data cleansing of 4 Mio. global customer records
icon speed
2y to cleanse 80% of data
The first ever global process for clean-up of duplicate customer records included 29 largest countries
icon trust
660,000 duplicates eliminated
equaling 17% of customer records in scope, that used to complicate daily operations and analytics
icon efficiency
Lean review process
for 400 reviewers in various functions of 4 business units of Kuehne+Nagel
Spotlight K+N

In the project, we not only eliminated thousands of duplicates, but developed a sustainable cleansing approach, including global duplicate definitions, a cross-company review process and an innovative review tool

Dr. Andreas Nohn
Senior Data Scientist
CDQ Client Spotlight: Bayer AG
Effective data improvement for one of Germany's biggest mergers
icon speed
10 weeks
1.3 Mio BP data records from Bayer and Monsanto merged and improved within 10 weeks
icon trust
of duplicates identified correctly
icon efficiency
80,000 less duplicates
Duplicates can slow down decisions and processes

A merger of this size needed the best data management approach we know. With CDQ, we could deliver faster and better!

Gerhard Gripp
Global Data Lead M&A
At a glance

How CDQ can help you

Get clean and stay clean with our best in breed software solutions and 18 years of hands-on experience in corporate data quality. Integrate CDQ solutions to your system via APIs to enable continuous maintenance and improvement of your data stack.

We give you a comprehensive solution for managing the quality of business partner data, including data cleansing, data enrichment, data standardization, and data governance - not limited to syntax but also including semantic checks. And the data quality rules are already in place, so no configuration is required by the customer

CDQ-supported get-clean project requires minimum effort on your side and is fully facilitated by our Customerr Success Manager and Solution Architect. All steps in the project can be customized and adapted to your specific needs.

7 steps towards clean data


Data Scoping


Define scope/focus, e.g., domain: customer, account groups: sold-to, countries: Europe.​


Technical Profiler​


Is the data extracted correctly? Are there any missing fields? Is the content in the right format and field?​


Mapping and Import​


How does your data attributes map to the CDQ data model?​​


Data Quality Check​

Quality Check

The initial measurement of your data quality based on +2300 out-of-the-box data quality rules.​


Duplicate Identification & Consolidation​


Identification of potential duplicates based on proven CDQ matching algorithm.​


Data Cleansing and Enrichment​


Enrichment of missing identifiers and alignment of name/address data based on ext. reference data sources.​


Extended Record​

Golden Record

Consolidated record from duplicate matching report with enriched data from data cleaning & enrichment.

Get clean at a glance

Clean data? Yes, please.

Master data cleansing is often a tedious search in countless tables and systems, involving at least three different business processes that need to agree on standards, priorities, responsibilities. And if data cleansing services are considered, most of the time they are not flexible enough to take business-specific requirements and fuzzy logic into consideration. 

Get-clean is one click away: get your free copy!

Get Clean Fact Sheet Teaser

More trust: Asses data  

  • Find out how much of your existing data is correct, complete and fit-for-use. Rule-based assessment of data quality reveals any duplicates and errors across your business partner datasets. Our platform is open to all connected registers – including audit-trail.
  • You can gain instant understanding where the quality of your business partner data is already sufficient, where are defect clusters, and where is a specific need for prompt action. 
  • CDQ Data Quality Cockpit includes all capabilities essential for your get clean project.

Get to know the Data Quality Cockpit

More efficiency: Maintain data 

  • Once your master data is clean and correct, CDQ Zero Maintenance capabilities will help you to keep track on any business partner updates that are typically overlooked, and thus pile up creating a need for new get-clean efforts. Instead, keep your data in shape and up-to-date.
  • Continuously monitor correctness of tax ID and address details of existing business partners. Automated ongoing validation ensures you are always working with the most up-to-date information and any changes of data records are prompted to you in the system and through push messages.
  • CDQ Data Sharing Community provides trusted environment to tackle business partner updates even more efficiently.

Get to know Zero Maintenance

CDQ Suite
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