We want to provide you the best possible user experience with our cloud-based software platform. However, despite all the care we take in developing our apps and APIs, errors can still occur and by integrating external data sources, temporary outages or limitations can never be completely avoided.

Our developers are constantly working to improve our software and continuously monitor the stability of our services. If you encounter problems while using our software or have suggestions for improvement, you will find support here.

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How exactly does the CDQ Data Sharing Community work? Which data quality rules do we use within our community? And what APIs do we provide? These and many more answers can be found in our Wiki.

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You want to report us a problem or bug in our Cloud Services? In our Service Desk, you can quickly and easily create a ticket for our developers.

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On our status page, we provide immediate information about outages, performance problems, or planned maintenances affecting our cloud services.

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All servers of the CDQ Cloud Platform are located within the European Union. The entire CDQ Cloud infrastructure complies with EU data privacy regulations

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In our CDQ Developer Portal, we provide API references, developer guidelines, and tutorials as a point of information for technicians.

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