Cloud-based software platform to improve your business partner master data

CDQ's cloud-based platform enables fast and reliable analyses, validation, cleansing, and enrichment of your business partner master data while reducing the costs for data maintenance by up to 40%.

We developed this powerful software platform in close cooperation with well-known, internationally operating companies - the members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community. The various modules of the CDQ Cloud Platform are constantly being adapted and developed to meet our customers' requirements.

You can use our Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) software platform via web applications or fully integrated into your ERP or CRM systems.

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Data Records
Our CDQ Cloud Platform database contains over 180 million business partner records and is not limited to a specific country.
Data Quality
By matching against over 1,500 data quality rules, our CDQ Cloud Platform ensures high reliability of our records. We’ve developed the data validation rules together with our community members according to their requirements.
Open Data
We've integrated over 60 open data sources into our CDQ Cloud Platform - and are continuously adding more. Supplemental premium data sources, like D&B, are also available.
Data quality applications

Reliable platform to improve your data quality!

The CDQ Cloud Platform includes a wide range of apps for analyzing, validating, enriching, and cleansing your business partner data.

No matter if duplicates, inaccurate tax numbers, incomplete addresses, or suspicious bank accounts: Our Cloud Platform reliably identifies inaccuracies to ensure trusted customer and vendor data.

Business Partner Lookup

Save time and money in business partner data management

Automate the maintenance of your customer and supplier master data with our pool of 180+ million peer-validated records from 60+ trustworthy sources and avoid time-consuming, error-prone manual work. With our CDQ Cloud Platform, costs can be reduced by up to 40%.

Data validation

1,500 data quality rules ensure best data quality

Are you using the right legal form for a specific country? Do your business partners' tax numbers have the right format? Existing problems with your master data quality can be identified and resolved using the more than 1,500 data quality rules in our CDQ Cloud Platform.

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