Cloud-based software platform to improve your business partner master data

CDQ's cloud-based platform enables fast and reliable analyses, validation, cleansing, and enrichment of your business partner master data while reducing the costs for data maintenance by up to 40%.

We developed this powerful software platform in close cooperation with well-known, internationally operating companies - the members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community. The various modules and data quality tools of the CDQ Cloud Platform are constantly being adapted and developed to meet our customers' requirements.

You can use our Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) software platform via web applications or fully integrated into your ERP or CRM systems.

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200 +
Mio data records
Our CDQ Cloud Platform database contains over 196 million business partner records and is not limited to a specific country.
Data quality rules
By matching against over 2,500 data quality rules, our data quality tools ensure high reliability of our records. We’ve developed the data validation rules together with our community members according to their requirements.
70 +
Open data sources
We've integrated over 70 open data sources into our CDQ Cloud Platform - and are continuously adding more. Supplemental commercial data sources, like D&B, are also available.
Data quality solutions

Reliable platform to improve your data quality!

The CDQ Cloud Platform includes a wide range of data quality tools for analyzing, validating, enriching, and cleansing your business partner data.

No matter if duplicates, inaccurate tax numbers, incomplete addresses, or suspicious bank accounts: Our data quality tools reliably identify inaccuracies to ensure trusted customer and vendor data.

Data Quality Suite 1
CDQ First Time Right

Save time and money in business partner data management

Automate the maintenance of your customer and supplier master data with our pool of 200+ million peer-validated records from 70+ trustworthy sources and avoid time-consuming, error-prone manual work. With our CDQ Cloud Platform, costs can be reduced by up to 40%.

Data Quality Suite Tablet Animation
Data validation

2,500 data quality rules ensure best data quality

Are you using the right legal form for a specific country? Do your business partners' tax numbers have the right format? Existing problems with your master data quality can be identified and resolved using the more than 2,500 data quality rules in our CDQ Cloud Platform.

Data Quality Suite 3

More services & capabilities of the CDQ Cloud Platform

Bank Account Trust Score

Members of our community continuously evaluate the reliability of bank accounts and calculate trust scores.. This enables the reliable detection of fraud attempts.

Data Deduplication

Datasets full of duplicates can’t be trusted and cost money. Our Cloud Platform uses AI-based algorithms to identify & cleanse redundant records.

Data Cleansing

Outdated, incorrect, incomplete data of your customers and vendors causes delivery failures, unhappy customers, frustrated vendors, and increased operational costs.

Proactive Record Updates

With our Cloud Platform, we can monitor the data against our integrated registers and provide you proactively with updates for your records.

Legal Entity Data Check

Our Cloud Platform uses an up-to-date database of +2,500 documented legal forms and their standardized abbreviations.

Data Enrichment

Our Cloud Platform enriches your supplier and customer data records for 250+ countries as a batch or API solution to ensure only valid information.

Golden Record

The CDQ Golden Record is the most complete and validated record composed of all internal and external data sources integrated into the CDQ Cloud Platform.

Data Mirror

The data mirror allows bringing together various databases spread throughout your enterprise. This is making it easier to validate, curate, consolidate, and enrich your data continuously.

Data Quality Tools

Our cloud-based data quality tools enable the analysis, validation, cleansing, deduplication, and enrichment of your business partner master data.

Web Applications

Our ever-growing web applications provide ready-to-use data quality tools without complex implementation from day one.

What customers say about the CDQ Cloud Platform

Thomas Gutmann 2

We received great feedback for the integration, and our business departments eagerly anticipate an integrated VAT check.

Thomas Gutmann
Business Consulting BI & Data, Schwarz IT
Eva Schultze

CDQ offers a single platform for maintenance, assurance of 1st time right, duplicate avoidance and integration of external data. It's web based, easy to use and workflow supported.

Eva Schultze
Director Global Data Management, Dräger AG
Thomas Gutmann

CDQ delivers a data management toolbox for our business partner data. The wide range of use case specific solutions created instant benefits for our internal customers. Together with the innovative CDQ Data Sharing Community we shape the future of interenterprise MDM.

Thomas Gutmann
Business Consulting BI & Data, Schwarz IT
Heidi Sandager Larsen

We enabled a solid, sustainable and futureproof solution around our data foundation, processes and sanction compliance by obtaining screening technology, fraud prevention and internal controls.

Heidi Sandager Larsen
Governance & Compliance Manager, Dovista
Philippe Baumlin

Sharing proven bank account data saves significant time, compared to contacting the customers/vendors directly to verify new bank accounts. "Data Shareconomy" is an effective approach to unlock this source of trusted information.

Philippe Baumlin
Manager of Global Master Data Strategy, BASF
Thorsten Hähnel

The CDQ Suite completed 93% of 4,000 Japanese customer records that were lacking zip codes by recognizing names and addresses! This saved us three weeks of manual work.

Thorsten Hähnel
Business Process Management – Manager of Data Design, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH