Risk-free business partner creation | NTT & CDQ

State-of-the-art solution for SAP users with trusted external data sources available at one click.

Wouldn't it be great if you could...

  • Easily create Business Partners (customers and vendors) that comply with all regulatory requirements?  

  • Look up Business Partner data from external databases that are not connected to SAP? 

  • Control which countries you can have operating Business Partners in?  

  • Simplify master data ownership and process control in SAP? 

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above?

NTT Data Business Solutions and CDQ have partnered up to provide a state-of-the-art compliance solution for SAP customers.

With CDQ capabilities integrated into it.mds (master data simplified) from NTT, you gain control over your SAP business partner data through simplified authorizations, efficient workflows, and logical approval processes.

Ensure trust and compliance for your business-critical data - right from the start!


Use the expertise of two SAP-certified partners for:

First Time Right Icon

Business Partner Creation

Create your Customer and Vendor master data in it.mds

LookUp Business Partner via CDQ services

Verify address data, bank data, tax information, VAT numbers, and company registration numbers within it.mds.

Compliance Screening Icon

Business partner Screening

Easily ensure compliance with regularory requirements

Screen Customer and Vendor data through CDQ both when creating and changing data in it.mds

A sanction matching score threshold ensures whether data must go through a second review or be completely rejected

Bank Account Validation

Validate bank data with CDQ services in it.mds

Get instant result of validation with CDQ status icon

Easily ensure you're not letting fraudulent accounts into your SAP workflows

CDQ and NTT solution for streamlined and compliant data creation

CDQ Client Spotlight: DOVISTA
More than Business Partner Data - Compliant & efficient Corporate Data Onboarding
icon risk
Regulatory Compliance
Reliably complying to policies and legal demands, EU legislations and Dovistas expectations
icon trust
360° View
on your Business Partner Data, exceeding standard register information
icon speed
28% Reduction
of processing time for business partner creation
Spotlight DOVISTA

We were able to enable a solid, sustain and futureproof solution around our data foundation, processes and sanction compliance by obtaining screening technology, fraud prevention and internal controls

Heidi Sandager Larsen
Data Governance & Compliance Manager

Risk-free business partner onboarding

Many companies prioritize data cleansing efforts but overlook the importance of improving the input process. The joint solution of NTT and CDQ addresses this gap by establishing an input process that ensures high data quality and consistency. Good master data management starts right at the creation and is an ongoing process. 

Integration with over 70 commercial and governmental data sources enhances data quality and facilitates compliant data creation .
With more than 2300+ ready to use data quality rules, automating data creation becomes effortless and doesn't require any coding.
With it.mds lean and logical workflows combined with CDQ-supported master data accuracy, data governance is easier manageable.

What makes NTT and CDQ a perfect power-up for SAP data creation

Automation and time saving
Processes and rules used facilitate automated maintance, reducing manual entries.

Strong governance
Responsible persons are assigned on the field level, and informed/instructed by workflow.

Lean authorizations
Detailed authorization on field level elevates the standard SAP control measures.

User-friendly interface
The frontend only displays the fields that are relevant in the company and for which the user has the authorizations.

Trusted master data
Keeping master data harmonized and in sync across locations.

Elevated data quality
With automation, strong governance and simplification the master data quality is increased resulting in higher margins.

Meet our partner NTT Business Solutions

Make sure that data remains in sync across multiple locations and complies with governance principles, workflows, and rules. The joint solution from CDQ and NTT gives you:

  • Simplification focuses on streamlining the decision-making process for master data managers or stewards. It involves actively assisting users in identifying compliance risks during data maintenance.
  • Automation plays a crucial role in defining and executing business rules for creating and maintaining master data. With our solution, automation becomes effortless and doesn't require any coding.
  • Governance is the third principle, emphasizing the importance of clearly defining responsibilities down to the field level. It involves controlling the process of initiating creations and changes, ensuring compliance with rules and principles.

NTT and CDQ: compliant creation of SAP business partner master data

In our joint webinar with NTT, you can see how to reduce manual efforts in managing compliance upon master data creation, so you can make compliance your secret weapon to successful business partner onboarding.

Watch the webinar


Getting started Q&A

Q: I have licensed it.mds already. How can I activate CDQ and the sanction screening part in my environment?
A: To activate CDQ and the sanction screening part in your it.mds environment, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Update your it.mds version to the latest one that includes the CDQ cockpit. This update will ensure that you have the necessary features and functionality for CDQ integration.
  2. Obtain a license for CDQ. You will need a valid license to access and retrieve data from CDQ's cloud platform. Contact your it.mds provider or CDQ directly to obtain the necessary license.
  3. Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to activate CDQ and the sanction screening functionality in your it.mds environment. It is recommended to consult the documentation or reach out to your it.mds provider for specific instructions and assistance during the activation process.

Q: Which sanctions and watchlists does CDQ use?
A: CDQ uses more than 1700 sanctions and watchlists, including common ones issued by organizations like the US Treasury and the UK Bribery Act. (learn more about CDQ Compliance Screening)

Q: Does CDQ automatically highlight new items added to the sanctions list in the cockpit?
A: If monitoring is available, CDQ can highlight new items added to the sanctions list in the cockpit. However, monitoring is a prerequisite for this feature to work.

Q: Can you configure a risk-based approach in it.mds? How is the audit trail visible?
A: In it.mds, you can configure a risk-based approach based on criteria such as matching scores and country level settings. The audit trail is visible in the system and is stored on a workflow request level. It tracks the compliance data at different stages and includes information on data sources used, validations performed, and results obtained from watchlist checks.

Heidi Sandager Larsen

We enabled a solid, sustainable and futureproof solution around our data foundation, processes and sanction compliance by obtaining screening technology, fraud prevention and internal controls.

Heidi Sandager Larsen
Governance & Compliance Manager, Dovista

Ready to onboard your SAP data with secured compliance?
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