Data Quality

Is your master data fit for purpose?

While nobody questions the importance of good data quality…

… the data reality proves otherwise

of business partner records show
critical violations
of business partner records
outdate within 1 year*
of business partner records are
unintended duplicates
*Based on our data quality benchmarks

The problem with data quality

In the digital economy, the role of data is changing. The quality of your master data influences every facet of business operations and decision-making. But with data evolving rapidly, maintaining reliable information becomes a challenge.

Unprecedented Data Growth
It is estimated that 90% of all data that exists on the planet has been generated in the last two years (Nexla).
Surge in Global Data
The European Commission predicts a fivefold rise in global data volume: from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes by 2025 (European Union, 2022).
Constant Data Dynamics
At CDQ, we've observed major enterprises modifying or adding a business partner master data record every single minute.

Good quality business data in real life

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, your company's success hinges on accurate, reliable, and actionable data. We understand the struggles you face every day when dealing with data maintenance and creation challenges due to poor data quality. That's why we're here to guide you towards a transformational solution that will elevate your data game and empower your business for the digital age. Tackle your Corporate Data Quality with CDQ!

Unlock more benefits with high quality data

Value of Automation in Master Data Management

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Value of Automation
Jean-Marc Klopfenstein

Everybody loves to have data of high quality, but nobody is interested in spending money, time, and energy to make it become high-quality data.

We are using our great story in internal discussions to promote the importance of discipline in data practices and how data excellence can help business to win.

Jean-Marc Klopfenstein
Global Master Data at Nestlé

Precision meets performance

The Anatomy of Data Quality

Data quality is a measure for the suitability of data for specific requirements in your business processes.

A low level of data quality will reduce the value of the data assets in the company because its usability is minimal. Data quality characterizes the degree of how given data objects satisfy the needs of consuming business processes. In a broader sense, it refers to both the quality of data content as well as the performance of the underlying data management processes.

Additionally, data quality measurement gives you transparency and enables to monitor the compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Data quality overview
Good data or bad data

Data Quality Dimensions

Your data fitness for use extends beyond its mere content – it's also about the processes that govern it. Does your data quality touch all the critical dimensions?

  • Does it reflect the full business landscape or leaves vital details in shadows?
  • Is it consistent as it flows through diverse touchpoints in your operations?
  • Is the accuracy and alignment of your data with predefined standards a constant guarantee?
  • Is your data free from duplicates?
  • Are all data users happy with the timeliness and accessibility of the data?

At CDQ we believe that high data quality is synonymous with data excellence and we’re on a mission to make your data quality thrive. Whether enterprise-migration to SAP S/4HANA or legacy systems causing you headaches, we’ve got you covered.

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Data quality dimensions
Elevate your data, elevate your business

Apply Data Quality as a Service

Imagine a world where data maintenance is no longer a cumbersome task, but a seamless and automated process ensuring good data in your downstream processes. That's the world we're creating with the innovative CDQ Suite – your gateway to Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS).

It’s a quick, easy-to-use, and fully automated process to validate, enrich, and cleanse your data. Thanks to deep integration into customers’ backend systems, the CDQ suite improves data quality right at the source, so you can avoid manual mistakes and lower maintenance efforts.

Access 70 external data sources and more than 2500 ready-to-use data quality rules powered by data sharing to elevate your master data quality.

CDQ Suite for data quality management

Apply quality to your master data with us: in-business and in-class

CDQ Overview
CDQ Cloud Suite

CDQ Cloud Platform is a single gateway to 70 external data sources and more than 2500 ready-to-use data quality rules powered by data sharing and provides easy-to-integrate capabilities for your data journey from the start.

“We could deliver faster and better! We are happy to embark on the next part of our data quality journey with them!”

CDQ Academy
CDQ Academy

The CDQ Academy is a practical three-module master data management training. Since 2013, more than 700 participants have benefited from the data quality management expertise of CDQ and the University of Lausanne.

“You will get a better understanding on the backside of what customer expectations to the data quality are.”

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