What is the SAP MDG Focus Group?

Collaboratively improving SAP Master Data Governance

In 2015 we founded the SAP MDG Focus Group so that CC CDQ members could discuss together which challenges they have with SAP MDG. We wanted to create the opportunity for several companies to first exchange whether they have the same questions and then share their feedback with SAP MDG Product Management. Of course, it is easier for SAP to work with concrete use cases and clear requirements. The members of the community benefit from the fact that requirements which are jointly prioritized by multiple companies are weighted differently by SAP than if they came from a single company.

In addition, the members of the SAP MDG Focus Group enjoy exchanging ideas with like-minded people and discussing SAP MDG best practices during breaks.

What does the SAP MDG focus group currently work on?

Topics of the SAP MDG Focus Group 2024

The defined topics for 2024 are discussed in the form of breakout sessions over the course of three workshops.
SAP regularly gives a status update on these topics and on new features and releases.

The topics defined for 2024 are:

  • Functionalities missing in MDG (bank chains/bank master data)
  • Save documents form change request on BP-level & Mass upload of documents
  • SAP S/4 Business Partner data model
  • Mass change – allow locals to just change specific tables
  • Usability (lean UI)
  • Value Help behavior in MDG for List UI BB
  • Implementation of regular validation (e.g., tax numbers) + SEPA mandates
  • MDG-S/C upgrade S4 HANA
  • Master data integration in complex IT-landscapes

Tackle SAP challenges collaboratively

We wanted to give several companies a chance to first exchange whether they have same questions and then jointly share collected feedback with SAP MDG Product Management. As a result, we started SAP MDG Focus Group to bring together professionals dealing with similar challenges.

Operating since 2015, we were able to establish a solid relationship with SAP. Join us to share best practices, collaboratively prioritize requirements for SAP MDG and exchange ideas.

Dr. Markus Eurich​
SAP MDG Focus Group Lead​
Head of Knowledge Management, CDQ
Markus Eurich Testimonial

Benefits of a SAP MDG Focus Group Membership

SAP MDG improvements:

  • Share feedback with SAP Product Management
  • Jointly prioritize requirements for the product roadmap

Status updates:

  • Be the first to learn about release updates from SAP
  • Understand how the group's requirements were addressed in recent releases

Exchange network:

  • Discuss challenges in using and implementing SAP MDG
  • Exchange best practices with peers

SAP MDG Focus Group members

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Membership prerequisites

How can we become a member of the SAP MDG Focus Group?

Members should already be actively working with SAP MDG. They should be willing to actively participate and to prepare and coordinate topics. They should have the desire to exchange ideas and to collaborate on the improvement of SAP MDG. A signed Feedback Agreement (FBA) with SAP should be available or signed. Participation is free for CC CDQ members. CC CDQ members may also participate if they have not yet implemented SAP MDG.

If you are interested in becoming part of the group, please contact us!

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