Clean and Trusted Data

The backbone of data ecosystems

Clean and trusted data is essential for modern businesses to grow, innovate and stay competitive. Data integrity and security forms the foundation of informed decision-making, compliance with regulations and operational efficiency – while driving customer and partner trust within your organization.


But in reality...

of business partner records show
critical violations
of business partner records
outdate within 1 year*
of business partner records are
unintended duplicates
*Based on our data quality benchmarks

Why You Should Move from Bad to Trusted Data

Bad Data

Bad data is poor quality, outdated, unvalidated, duplicated, or inconsistent data that can impact businesses negatively by hindering the decision-making process through providing inaccurate insights and driving poor customer experiences.


Discover the impact of poor quality data

Clean Data
Clean data is good data: accurate, organized and error free. It can be easily accessed,analyzed, understood and utilized for business decision-making processes and positive customer relations.

How to clean master data


Clean and Trusted Data

Clean and trusted data goes a step further, ensuring data is credible, secure, and compliant with regulations. Clean and trusted data is of the best quality, allowing operational and strategic decisions to be made confidently from authoritative sources.

See the business impacts of trusted data


The Importance of Clean and Trusted Business Partner Data

As the saying goes: “bad data in, bad data out”. Clean and trusted data adds value across a wide range of business activities and is the foundation of robust decision-making and working towards common objectives with partners, suppliers, and affiliates.

Reducing Risks
Identify operational risks to reduce the chance of decisions made based on incorrect or misleading information. Quality trusted data avoids missed opportunities, financial losses and ultimately reputational damage.
Increasing ROI
Dependable data leads to effective strategies and optimized returns. It also has the potential to digitize and streamline various business processes, including supply chain, marketing, sales and procurement.
Insights and Decision-Making
A harmonized and accurate view of business partner data means deeper analysis and exploration of insights and solutions across ecosystems. Multiple data sources can be seamlessly integrated to reveal growth opportunities.
AI Readiness
Reliable data is vital for businesses using or planning to use AI-driven techniques for competitive advantage, including customer segmentation and supply chain optimization.
Trusted data fuels collaboration, cooperation and insight sharing. Confidence in data accuracy, security, and reliability among all stakeholders within the ecosystem is vital to work towards a common goal.
Compliance and Regulation
Clean and trusted data ensures compliance with crucial regulatory frameworks with specific standards for safe data handling, privacy, and security, protecting businesses from legal risks and liabilities.
User Trust and Engagement
Quality data is essential for data ecosystems that rely
on user-generated information and engagement.
User trust leads to active engagement and contributions
across and throughout businesses.

Qualities of Good Data

When it comes to the quality of data within your business, there are some key factors to consider:

Accuracy: correct and precise values.
Completeness: includes all information required for specific business practices.
Consistency: information is accurately represented across various databases.
Timeliness: up-to-date and refreshed as needed.
Relevance: aligned with specific business requirements.
Integrity: stored safely and secure against unauthorized access or modification.


Is my data fit for purpose?

Data fit for purpose
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Fast, Compliant & Trusted Data

CDQ Client Spotlight: DOVISTA
More than Business Partner Data - Compliant & efficient Corporate Data Onboarding
icon risk
Regulatory Compliance
Reliably complying to policies and legal demands, EU legislations and Dovistas expectations
icon trust
360° View
on your Business Partner Data, exceeding standard register information
icon speed
28% Reduction
of processing time for business partner creation
Spotlight DOVISTA

We were able to enable a solid, sustain and futureproof solution around our data foundation, processes and sanction compliance by obtaining screening technology, fraud prevention and internal controls

Heidi Sandager Larsen
Data Governance & Compliance Manager
Clean data is important. Clean and trusted data is essential.

Get Clean, Stay Clean with CDQ

Seamless business operations, customer satisfaction, supplier relationships and regulatory compliance all rely on business partner master data integrity. CDQ’s clean and trusted data solutions offer data management strategies, governance structures, analytics, and technology solutions to keep your business competitive.

Utilizing over 200 million data records, 2,500+ data quality rules, and 70+ trusted data sources, CDQ safeguards the accuracy of your business partner data.

Keep your data clean and trusted with less effort

Smart Data Journey

How Nestlé Unlocked Speed and Cost Savings with Trusted Data

With over 80% of business partners created “first time right”, and 6 Mio. de-activated duplicates, the global food industry leader:

  • ensured high quality master data and made it to the top of industry benchmarks
  • increased data trust of the internal users to over 90% satisfaction 
  • reduced transactional costs by 14% in the first year alone

Watch their story and turn your data quality into tangible results as well!

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