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Higher data quality at lower costs

Data Sharing beats manual data maintenance in both efficiency and quality. And if that wasn’t enough: data sharing lowers your data maintenance costs by up to 40%.

According to Six Sigma (rule of ten), indirect benefits of high-quality data exceed the direct benefits by ten times. Think about costs related to process failures, wrong decision making, or inaccurate business planning – they will soon become a song of the past.

Read more on quantitative benefits of data sharing or jump straight to our calculator to determine your direct benefits and cost saving potential: enabled by solutions, powered by data sharing.

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Based on more than 200 data quality projects and experience from our Data Sharing Community, we are able to calculate direct benefits of data sharing by quantifying most essential data management parameters. Adjust them to your organization’s situation and see evident results that are only a starting point of excelling your data quality.

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