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Manage and share precise locations in one simple app

Today's complex supply networks can’t function without accurate location information. CDQ’s GLN Connect App enables real-time communication and location tracking from the dock to the warehouse to the medicine cabinet - and with everyone involved kept up to date.
Global Location Number Management made easy

Empower your logistics operations with CDQ’s GLN Connect App

The ability to maintain a clear overview of specific locations in a given area is pivotal when it comes to optimizing logistics processes. Global location numbers (GLNs) make it easy to manage virtual locations and keep track of underlying information, and there’s no better way to manage them than with CDQ’s user-friendly GLN Connect App, which not only gives your GLNs a centralized location but also shares them automatically.

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Seamlessly Centralize and Optimize Your Management of Locations

Maintain accurate and well-structured data about your warehouses, plants, offices, and other sites. By embracing the GS1 standards and centralizing GLN management, you can optimize logistics processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance collaboration with yout trading partners. This results in streamlined operations, reduced costs, and increased efficiency, particularly in inbound logistics, ultimately contributing to a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment.


Our solution ensures that location information remains consistently accurate, eliminating errors, duplicates, and discrepancies. By centralizing location data, you can trust a single, reliable source of truth for all sites of your organization.


We offer a rule-based GLN allocation system, ensuring that GLNs are assigned systematically and according to predefined criteria. This eliminates the risk of arbitrary assignments and maintains data consistency


With our solution, organizations can streamline their logistics processes, particularly in inbound operations. This results in improved inventory management, optimized routing, reduced delays, and ultimately cost savings.


Our solution provides an intuitive web-based user interface that simplifies the management of location data. Users can easily assign, update, and monitor GLNs for different sites, promoting user adoption and efficiency.


Organizations can share location information with trading partners, knowing that it adheres to GS1 standards and is consistently accurate. This fosters better collaboration and smoother data exchange within the supply chain.


By embracing the GS1 standards, our solution aligns with global best practices for location identification and data management. This ensures that organizations remain at the forefront of industry standards.

At a glance

With CDQ GLN Connect you can:

  • Uniquely identify virtual and physical locations and attach important information to them
  • Optimize communication and collaboration with business partners and stakeholders via a “single source of truth”
  • Share information with all relevant stakeholders without the need for time-consuming alignment on information updates
  • Say goodbye to countless exchanges of Excel sheets when trying to exchange information
  • Efficiently manage all your GLNs in one central hub
  • Benefit from underlying data quality rules, which make sure that no duplicates are created and that data adheres to standards
  • Enable smooth supply chain operations that reduce wait times, wrong deliveries, and the issue of unequipped trucks to sites with special requirements 
  • Increase the effectiveness of your inventory management
  • Benefit from the first data sharing solution on STACKIT

Plans & Pricing

freemium plan
500 CHF p.m.
price on request
Location management
Limit: 10 own locations
Limit: 50, more on request
CDQ Address Curation
CDQ API key required
Smart GLN Rules
GLN Rules for Suppliers
Shared GLN Pool
Limited information and search results
Partner Invitations
GTIN Management
beta phase
Transaction simulation
Planned: on the roadmap

CDQ GLN Connect App Highlights

Streamlined GLN Management
Effortlessly manage your locations and GLNs, guaranteeing
that they are efficiently structured according to type and purpose.
Keep a clear overview of all your allocated GLNs.
Simplified Information Sharing
Facilitate the selective release of sensitive information based on
specific use cases. You can easily share location data with your trading
partners by disclosing it to our GLN directory.
Automated GLN Assignment
Automate the allocation of GLNs for both new and existing locations,
guided by rule-based criteria. Additionally, you can associate global trade
item numbers (GTINs) with GLNs to optimize your logistics processes.
User-Friendly Web Interface
Access your location data through an intuitive web-based interface
that provides a straightforward and user-friendly experience for efficient
management and data handling.
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