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Where remote-first means people-first: how we live CDQ values in our daily work


Hey there! I'm Eva, the HR Team Lead at CDQ, and I'm thrilled to take you on a journey through our remote work culture. Joining me on this adventure are Anna and Kasia, two incredible colleagues who share their insights on highlights and challenges of working in a fully remote setup. Let’s dive right in!

Smart in mind and heart comes without location pins

From the get-go, CDQ has been all about talent, not territory. Our remote-only approach isn't just about flexibility - it's about tapping into the best minds, no matter where they may be. It has allowed us to build a diverse team of experts from across Europe. Even in our HR team, geographies span Europe: Anna and Kasia are both based in Wroclaw, Poland, while I live and work in bustling Berlin. HR team plays a pivotal role in fostering connections among our team members, whether it's through our weekly lunches in Wroclaw office or our annual CDQ Summer Event, but it takes much more than just an HR department to turn this setup into a truly great place to work, where human comes always first.

Remote-first means people-first

Remote work offers plenty of advantages, from flexibility to freedom. For me, residing in Germany’s capital city, the ability to skip the daily commute and focus on delivering top-notch HR support is a game-changer. Anna echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the freedom and autonomy that remote work affords. “From virtual coffee talks to online yoga classes, opportunities to build strong personal bonds despite physical distance are literally at our fingertips”, she says and admits thriving in our remote environment. On the more work-focused side, Kasia underscores the importance of clear communication channels and understanding employees' needs to ensure everyone feels supported and connected.

Kasia explains: “Working remotely gives us the opportunity to manage our working time more independently which allows us to better adapt to individual preferences and needs. A flexible approach to working hours definitely fosters a better work-life balance. A limited number of online meetings and messages on company instant messengers promote "quiet work" which has a more favorable effect on concentration and creates better working conditions for those who need it.”

So, how do we foster growth and connection, while enabling our employees to excel professionally?

Growing together

Employee development is at the heart of what we do at CDQ. Our comprehensive onboarding process sets new hires up for success from day one. By providing structured training, virtual meetups, and offline gatherings, we create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and included. Our people, or as we like to call ourselves "Cherries", receive detailed information and support right from the start, ensuring that their roles and the company culture are fully transparent.

Learn more about our values

During onboarding, we introduce new employees to the company's preferred communication and collaboration tools. We outline best practices for effective remote collaboration, including how and when to use each tool. As the onboarding process goes far beyond just technical stuff, we try to convey the culture and values that are important in our organization from the very beginning.

Already before day one, the new Cherry knows exactly what to expect on the first day, week and month with the company. Together with our back-office colleagues we ensure that the new joiner has all the needed equipment and accesses to move freely in our virtual environment. Yup, you heard that right. You join us, you get all the tools right away to make you feel welcome and treated seriously. As far as on-the-job training, each new Cherry receives a clear onboarding plan and a person from their team is selected to support the new colleague in the initial period.

Obviously, we as HR are always available to everyone, as it is clear to us that new employees may need more attention at the beginning, and we often reach out to them on Slack or Teams to chat over a virtual coffee or tea, and make sure that any doubts or concerns are immediately responded to.

Anna adds: “You won’t just take it for granted, but instead immerse yourself in a working world that is fueled by authenticity and open communication. And it’s not just a buzzword. Every once in a while, which is a case in any other organization, we ask our employees to share feedback on their satisfaction with CDQ. And just to drop a few examples:

  • After vacation, I honestly look forward to coming back to work to see my team.
  • Open Feedback Culture, Freedom to work the way I like to
  • Very good and kind spirit. Real teamwork
  • Rephrasing one of my favorite lines from Tenacious D: I fu*kin’ love this company!  This is the best company, period! Ladies and Gentlemen: CDQ!

To me as an HR Business Partner, reading such wholehearted and well, truly authentic feedback is like music to my ears.” 

Far away – so close

We nurture relationships, integrate the entire development team, e.g. once a quarter we organize a two-day conference to discuss technical innovations, discuss solutions and concepts. Each such event has its own informal part, where we simply enjoy each other's company over a good dinner or a game of volleyball. Of course, there is also the chance to participate in an online event - whatever you prefer. Due to the size of the company, we can afford an individual approach.

Anna adds: “As part of the HR team, I literally know everyone, I know what's going on with whom, and am able to help, and look for solutions. As a result, we don't have to create one-size-fits-all "mental health" programs, but tailor-made solutions. Interestingly, even if some of our ideas for solutions are strongly out of the box - I usually hear "yes, let's do it!". And the more support I offer, the more confidence I get.”

We also ask the managers to pay attention to the wellbeing of their teams. If we have the feeling someone could need help, we address this individually. We are a small company, so we certainly have the luxury situation of this personal connection.

Kasia emphasizes the role of regular online meetings and offline events in building relationships and fostering a strong team culture. “Different teams meet a few times a year to hang out with each other, and once a year we join forces at the CDQ Summer Event. Our meetings look like family reunions. Everyone greets each other, hugs are exchanged, it's loud, fun, and very energetic”. And when Kasia says loud, she truly means Tenacious-D loud.

How Cherries rocked it in Greece

Our remote-friendly culture promotes inclusivity and creativity, offering endless opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Advice for job seekers

When joining a remote environment, you should have an open mind and be prepared to be flexible.

To me personally remote setup simply empowers me to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional HR support to our teams.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a job seeker exploring remote opportunities, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Assess for yourself what's important for you, your values, your routines, your level of freedom – and make sure to find at least 80% of that in your employer's values, rules, and roles.

If you’re curious to find out more, get in touch with me and let’s look for your internal cherry blossoms.


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