Revolutionize AML Compliance Screening: greater compliance precision, fewer false positives

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts safeguard the integrity of the financial system, and businesses must navigate a complex landscape to maintain compliance. But have you ever considered your customer and vendor master data as a strategic component to be managed as part of AML compliance?
Reliability with no operational compromise

Ensuring Compliance with Precision and Accuracy

In the complex landscape of business transactions, enterprises face the critical challenge of screening business partners against sanctions and watchlists while navigating stringent AML and anti-terrorist financing (ATF/CFT) regulations. The stakes are high, with severe penalties for non-compliance. AML Guard is the ideal solution, offering a RESTful API designed to integrate seamlessly into your compliance processes, significantly reducing false positives and streamlining your operations with precision and reliability.


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🍒 Enhance your existing workflows by connecting CDQ AML Guard directly to your target systems through our robust API.
🍒 Comply with EU Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terror Financing directives effortlessly.
🍒 Integrate new legislative requirements into the heart of master data governance, embedding screening into an earlier stage of the customer and vendor journey.
🍒 Reduce the effort and resources required for manual verifications, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.
🍒 Facilitate various layers of background checks with customizable configurations to suit your compliance requirements effectively.

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Revolutionizing AML Compliance Screening

CDQ’s AML Guard enhances the compliance screening process for businesses worldwide. It connects with a wide array of important financial sanctions watchlists, providing wide-reaching coverage and ensuring adherence to global AML regulations, including the European AMLD6. Our advanced search and scoring system significantly lowers the rate of false positives, streamlining the accuracy and efficiency of business partner screenings.


Sanctions and Watchlist Lookup
At a glance

Key Features of CDQ AML Guard

  • Worldwide coverage: Extensive access to more than 850 risk-relevant lists from over 90 countries, including United Nations Security Council Consolidated lists, European Union lists, OFAC SDN / OFAC Consolidated lists (USA), HM Treasury lists (UK), and multiple other global jurisdictions.
  • Advanced match scoring: A cutting-edge scoring system to significantly minimize false positives.
  • Flexible configuration: Customizable screening processes with adjustable settings and list selections to fit your compliance needs.
  • Clear, actionable insights: Effortlessly navigate through results to focus on the most pertinent matches.
  • Seamless integration: Crafted as a RESTful API for straightforward incorporation into your existing infrastructure.
Coming soon

Continuous Data Observation

AML Guard is expanding its capabilities with a Continuous Monitoring feature. This groundbreaking addition will allow for the continuous screening of any business partner—whether due to changes, new creations, or updates in list entries. Plus, it guarantees that all partners are screened against any new list or list entry, offering peace of mind with up-to-the-minute compliance status. Keep an eye out for this feature, designed to keep your compliance strategy ahead of the curve by automatically adapting to an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

CDQ AML Guard Highlights

Simplified Compliance
Navigate the complexities of AML and ATF directives (AMLD6, MLR, FINTRAC, CTF, FATF) with ease to avoid heavy penalties for non-compliance.
Precision at Your Fingertips
Our focused search and match system greatly reduces the effort and resources required for manual verifications.
Customizable to Your Strategy
From adjusting confidence levels to selecting specific lists for screening, AML Guard is versatile to meet your distinctive compliance demands.
Proactive Compliance Measures
Integrate sanction checks into the Master Data Creation process,
initiating compliance checks at the preliminary stages of customer
and vendor interactions.
A Tailored Risk-Based Approach
Facilitates various layers of background checks with customizable
configurations to suit diverse compliance requirements effectively.
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Meet Our Partner: Diligent

Diligent delivers curated and focused intelligence for legal requirements and compliance and is the only provider based in Europe and subject to data protection rules in the territory.

Compliance information curated by Diligent has intrinsic qualities that make it a fundamental prerequisite for our clients compliance processes and risk management.

  • Diligent methodology and centralised quality assurance procedures guarantee top-notch data quality.
  • All information is curated specifically for compliance and risk management.
  • At Diligent, information is researched in over 20 languages from official, public, reliable, reputable and transparent sources – no rumours.
  • Diligent data is current, updated continuously and relevant.
  • Documentation is audit-proof.
  • All Diligent data and information is GDPR compliant.


Visit info4c a Diligent Brand website


Together with our partner Diligent, we enable access to real-time, high-quality risk and compliance data
and support you in effective decision-making regarding vendors, suppliers and customers.

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CDQ AML Guard powered by Diligent

Sanction Lists

The Sanction Lists database contains more than 40 major financial sanction lists, amongst others:

• United Nations Security Council Consolidated lists
• European Union lists
• OFAC SDN / OFAC Consolidated lists (USA)
• FinCEN, 311 Special Measures list (USA)
• HM Treasury lists (UK)
• SECO / FDFA and other lists (Switzerland)
• Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Consolidated list
• Other lists from various countries / jurisdictions

Watchlists & Blacklists

This database provides a wide variety of lists covering compliance, risk management and reputational needs, such as:

• White collar crimes
• Crimes against humanity
• Terrorist threats
• Non-financial sanctions
• Unauthorized business activities
• Warning lists by financial authorities
• Disqualified directors and debarred companies
• International warrants, national wanted persons, regional warnings, detention records and civil records
• Lists of international tribunals, anti money laundering and anti corruption entities
• Special lists (e.g. persons associated to the mafia, companies using slave labor etc.)

PEP Desk

This database contains more then 1.4 million compliance relevant positions which can be used for a range of purposes.

• Heads of state
• Cabinet members and ministerial staff
• Members of the parliament
• Highest members of the judiciary
• National bank governors and members
• Political and religious leaders
• Military officials
• Senior executives of state owned enterprises
• Ambassadors, consuls, diplomats
• Regional PEPs
• Family members of and closely associated persons to PEPs

How Others Secure Compliance

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Aiming to reduce tedious, manual research necessary for VAT verification, Schwarz Group IT introduced CDQ VAT Check. Instead of cumbersome checks in separate windows, Schwarz Group companies enjoy a a system-integrated, one-click VAT validation.

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In our joint webinar with NTT, you can see how to reduce manual efforts in managing compliance upon master data creation, so you can make compliance your secret weapon to successful business partner onboarding.

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