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Modern data governance and the role of the Chief Data Officer

Insights from the CC CDQ Data Expert & Research Community

Location: Online
Date: June 27, 04:00–04:45 PM CEST
Webinar Teaser Data Governance


In this webinar, participants will learn how to shift data governance from being a restrictive control function to an enabling one. Hippolyte Lefebvre, Christine Legner, and Tobias Pentek will discuss increasing scope of governance, the role of Data Offices, and the setup of federated governance. Attendees will gain insights on how to guide their organizations towards a data-driven future.

Reasons to join:

1. Why: rethinking data governance - from control to enablement
2. What: defining the scope of modern data governance and the role of the Chief Data Office
3. How: designing and successfully running a federated data governance

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Hippolyte Lefebvre
Hippolyte Lefebvre
Research Associate
Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
Head of Competence Center Corporate Data Quality
Dr. Tobias Pentek
Dr. Tobias Pentek
Head of Community and Innovation