Business Partner LookUp

One-click onboarding of Business Partners into SAP systems​

The messy business partner data landscape

Are you keeping pace in SAP?

of business partner records show
critical violations
of business partner records
outdated within 1 year*
of business partner records are
unintended duplicates
*Based on our data quality benchmarks
Look up and create business partners with just one click

Creating master data from external reference sources in SAP S/4HANA

Save time, increase accuracy and reduce compliance risk by integrating Business Partner Look Up directly into your SAP system. Connected to CDQ Cloud Services, Business Partner Look Up provides a web search experience for creation of business partner data in a convenient user interface, and ensures excellent quality of data entering your workflows. 

With CDQ harmonized data model already mapped to the SAP One Domain Model BusinessPartner, the connection to SAP S/4HANA and other SAP systems is as simple as plug-and-play.

Easy technical setup and out-of-the-box integration bring the best of CDQ First Time Right capabilities to your SAP landscape with zero IT fatigue and a flexible API-first approach.

At a glance

Streamlined reference records from trusted data sources for your SAP application

  • Access to 70+ trusted data sources directly in SAP 
  • Data from various data sources are mapped to the SAP One Domain Model
  • Out-of-the-box mapping to standard SAP tax categories, legal forms and identification types
  • Golden Record automatic creation with customizable and country-specific data sources
  • Consolidation of business identifiers from different data sources in one record
  • Service available for various SAP applications, including SAP S/4HANA
  • Global coverage of reference data sources
  • Automatic audit trail log possible
  • No coding or testing efforts required


* support from CDQ in service configuration is included

Feature comparison

Business Partner Lookup
CDQ First Time Right
Search in external reference sources
70+ governmental registers + commercial sources + premium sources (optional)
Golden Record 
Algorithm-based augmentation of best possible reference records in real-time
Tax identifier enrichment
Direct connectivity to trusted authority services (VIES, FinanzOnline)
Tax identifier qualification
Real-time validation services
Rule-based quality check at creation
Over 2,500 ready-to-use data quality rules, constantly improved and developed 
Duplicate check 
Identification of duplicates in a set of business partner data records, and across systems
Bank account verification at creation
Validity of bank account based on statistical usage of the account data for payment transactions
Compliance screening at creation
Check against sanctions, watchlists and politically exposed persons
BP Lookup offer_free_monthly_trial
Grab your excellent SAP business partner data now!

Start with a non-binding demo and see the real value:

Better Business Outcomes

Excellent Business Partner Data

Markus Mützel

You just enter the company name or tax identification number, and the system enriches the associated supplier data based on internal and/or external data sources.

Markus Mützel
Data Domain Manager Business Partner at Evonik

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