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Try out now how simple tax ID validation is with CDQ!

Fulfill your tax compliance obligations with flying colors and less frustration

  • Avoid a risk of up to EUR 50,000 fine per declaration in case of incorrect VAT ID in Intrastat.
  • Regularly performed VAT ID checks are needed for a seamless audit trail
  • Valid VAT number is a prerequisite for 0% VAT rate for intra-Community supplies of goods.
  • Within EU, in addition to the correct VAT ID, the associated address data of a business partner must also be correct.​
  • Fully correct business partner address is essential for proper tax rate calculation in the US

Try out now: tax ID validation is simpler with CDQ! 

In order to stay compliant with legal regulations, but without an automated integration with tax authorities, tax ID validation needs to be performed manually. Often companies actually call the tax authorities for qualifying VATs up to 20 times per day. With us, the process is simplified and your tax compliance is bullet proof.

In this demo, you will see

  • The power of our data quality rules in action
  • Our official and trusted data sources to validate your tax related data against
  • Direct connectivity to official registries in 44 countries
  • Global VAT/ GST qualification against trusted authority services
  • Enrichment and harmonization of address data

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