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1. Go to CDQ Cloud Apps.
2. Login via LinkedIn.
3. Enjoy your free 30-day trial!


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In the CDQ Cloud Apps login screen, use the social login option Sign in with LinkedIn. This way, a completely new account is created on the CDQ Cloud Platform, using your email and name how it is managed on LinkedIn.



In the LinkedIn login screen, unless you have already logged in from prior use of the LinkedIn website, you will need to enter your LinkedIn credentials for authentication.



You will be prompted to authorize the use of your email, name, and photo by CDQ for the purpose of creating a new user on the CDQ Cloud Platform.

Request for your photo is a default LinkedIn setting, CDQ neither stores nor processes this asset in any manner.


Welcome to your account on CDQ Apps platform. An API key is automatically generated for you. In the dialog box, showing Client ID and Client Secret, copy these credentials, confirm, and close the dialog box.

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What's Included In Your Free Trial?

General Setup

Trial period
30 days

60 credits
Allowing for up to 20 screenings


CDQ AML Guard Scope

Free Trial

Sanction and Watchlist Screening: Transactional mode
Sanction and Watchlist Screening: Batch mode
Sanction and Watchlist Monitoring

Case Management
On the roadmap: summer 2024
App: Single Sanction & Watchlist Screening
App: Sanction & Watchlist Configurator
App: Batch Sanction & Watchlist Screening

New AML Guard App: On the roadmap (summer 2024)
limited to transactional mode
Compliance Data API
Data Scope: Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
Data Scope: Watchlists
Data Scope: Sanction Lists (e.g. OFAC, SDN)

Sample screenings
for selected 5 examples
(you can screen sample partners as often
as you wish in the 30-day trial period)
for selected 5 examples

Credits per screening
3 credits
per transactional screening
3 credits
per transactional screening

Support Scope

(passive support)
Product tours 
(passive support)
In-app help 
(passive support)
Developer portal 
(passive support)
Service Desk 
(active support)
Dedicated CDQ contact (Customer Success Manager) 
(active support)
Data Sharing Community
(active support)