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Even more data quality rules available out-of-the-box

Customer Success Manager

At CDQ, we take data quality seriously. And at the core of our data quality journey lies the active involvement of our Data Sharing Community. We believe that collaborative efforts are essential in achieving the highest standards of data quality, and here’s a proof.

We've been hard at work, and here comes something that can truly benefit you, so let's dive right in!

First things first, let's clarify what we mean by data quality rules. These rules are the key to assessing and ensuring data quality. They define the criteria that determine whether your data is accurate, complete, consistent, and reliable. They help you identify errors, inconsistencies, and areas that need improvement. These rules are the backbone of data quality assessment, and we've got big plans for them.

At CDQ, we believe in giving you the power to tailor your data quality rules to your unique needs. That's why we offer two approaches:

  • The first one, the community rules, lets you take the reins. You tell us if this rule can be valuable for you and is also usable for the community, while we handle the creation and maintenance and support. You have a channel to tell us what is important to consider for achieving best data qualiy assessments. 
  • But that's not all. We also offer custom data quality rules. Yes, you heard it right – rules that can be crafted to match your specific requirements. It's like having a tailor-made suit for your data quality needs.

Meet the hero of the day: Data Quality User Group

Our journey towards data quality excellence involves more than just technology. We believe in fostering a thriving user community. That's where the Data Quality User Group comes in. At CDQ, we host various events, including workshops and meetings, to facilitate collaboration and discussions about data quality.

To keep the discussion going and foster better collaboration, we introduced two user groups: one focusing on risk management, particularly fraud prevention, and the other dedicated to data quality.

And here's what sets our groups apart – it's a democracy in action. The priorities of user groups aren’t decided behind closed doors; they are determined by the community. Users like you actively participated in selecting the most critical areas for improvement. What emerged as top priorities?

The top priority, as chosen by our users, was to increase the number of data quality rules. Second on the list was improving the quality of our service and enhancing the way users configure data quality rules.

We heard them loud and clear.

Empowered users and global expansion

The real success story here is the global expansion of ruleset and how we've made it easier for everyone to get involved. We began 2023 with roughly 2,000 rules in place. Our challenge was to ensure that everyone could easily participate and collaborate with us on addressing any gaps.

We established an internal process at CDQ to efficiently gather and implement user feedback. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

In just eight months, we increased the number of data quality rules by over 310.

That's an average of 30 new rules per month!

As the global coverage map darkens with new rules, your ability to assess data quality improves significantly.


But it's not just about quantity; it's about quality too.

We have done major improvements in the validation service in general and introduced new 11 identifiers.

What this means?

Take countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe, which might not have as many business partners compared to larger economies. Initially, you had 17 rules for these countries, but now, you have 23. We've also delved into understanding and validating tax numbers in these countries, adding significant value for our users.

Our commitment to expanding data quality rules directly correlates with improved global coverage. We've increased the minimum number of rules available for each country by an impressive 35%.

In addition to overall growth, we've also put focus on specific country updates to ensure that our data quality rules align with regional regulations and requirements. Here are two examples:

Japan: We've acted swiftly to accommodate new regulations regarding TAX numbers, effective from October 1st. This ensures seamless compatibility when working with Japanese business partners.

Indonesia: Indonesia is undergoing significant changes in TAX number formats, set to be implemented by the end of this year. We've proactively introduced new rules to prepare users for this transition.

Teamwork makes dreamwork

Our success wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of remarkable organizations within our Data Sharing Community. Collaboration is at the core of our efforts, and particularly in the data quality ruleset expansion, a special shoutout goes to colleagues from Tetra Pak, BASF, BAYER and Kuehne+Nagel.

And exactly this is the super exciting part: CDQ is not just a tool; it's a collaborative ecosystem. While we're proud of our global expansion and rule development, we want you to be an active part of it. By providing feedback, sharing your experiences, and collaborating with us, you not only reap the benefits but also contribute to our growth and improvement.

Community benefits

Active participation in CDQ's data quality community comes with several perks:

You stay informed at all times: get ahead of the game by staying updated on legal requirements and changes, like tax number regulations, in different countries. We keep you in the loop, ensuring compliance and readiness.

You work with enhanced data quality: more data quality rules mean a better assessment of data quality in your systems. This empowers your organization to make informed decisions and maintain data integrity.

You have direct impact: we encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and provide feedback. Your interaction with us and the community ensures that your unique needs and challenges are considered, leading to more relevant rule development. Your questions, your suggestions, your experiences – they all matter. You're not just a user; you're a collaborator.

You shape the future: data quality is an ever-evolving field. By actively participating, you help shape the platform's future and influence the development of new rules and features. More rules, more features, more success.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your data governance, hear the collaborative spirit of our community calling.

Our journey is far from over, and the path ahead promises even greater achievements in data quality management. Let's continue this exciting journey together!



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