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Deutsche Bahn, Huawei and Tetra Pak have made it into the final round of CDQs Good Practice Award 2023!

We are happy to announce the three finalists of the CDQ Good Practice Award 2023: Deutsche Bahn, Huawei, and Tetra Pak.

End of November, we held the CDQ Good Practice Award 2023 finals in Amsterdam.

Congratulations go to all three finalists for their achievements and for inspiring data managers:

  • Deutsche Bahn with their case on Data 2 Value - Pionierung data excellence for strong railways,
  • Tetra Pak for Power to the people - Bring data excellence to 150 countries and scale business value​ in 18 months and
  • the Award Winner Huawei for presenting their case on constructing of a data foundation aiming at connection and sharing data.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants for submitting their excellent entries and for the time and effort they put into preparing their submissions!

We are already looking forward to a new edition of the CDQ Good Practice Award 2024.

Deutsche Bahn

Data 2 value – pioneering data excellence for strong railways

The Data Intelligence Center (DICe) at DB AG is tinkering with making data sharing and data accessibility a little better every day so that the invaluable value of DB data can also be used to create value. Also, the DICe initiates the transformation of data management and data use throughout the Group, implements innovative and efficient solutions in the areas of data governance, data quality and data democratization and promotes Deutsche Bahn's data culture through knowledge sharing and consolidation as well as the appreciation and use of data-driven potential.

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Tetra Pak

Power to the people: bring data excellence to 150 countries and scale business value in 18 months

Over 18 months, Tetra Pak has implemented a global approach to data democratization in 150 countries. The focus is on enabling broader access to data, promoting collaboration, and realizing the full value of data. To ensure data quality, the company has developed rules for measurement and integrated local experts into processes like SAP MDG. This approach has fostered collaboration, built trust, and enhanced the experience for business partners, resulting in greater satisfaction

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Construction of a Data Foundation Aiming at Connection and Sharing

Huawei gathers and links data, breaks down data silos and redefined data-obtaining methods and processes by building a data foundation. By building the data foundation, Huawei has aggregated internal and external data, reorganized and linked the data, provided a clear definition and unified structure for the data, and made it easier to obtain the data while still protecting data security and privacy, thereby breaking down data silos. The two-layer data foundation, comprising the data lake and themed data linkage, has been constructed to generate a logical data collection. It provides data services for analysis, visualization, and decision-making, and creates value by converting enterprise data into data assets.

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