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CDQ joins dialogue on EU's Data Governance Act

The collaborative maintenance of business partner data is now state-of-the-art - and also in the focus of the EU. At a workshop on October 7, representatives of the European Parliament exchanged views with various companies on the current status of the Data Governance Act. Our CTO Kai Hüner had a seat at the table.

What once began as the visionary idea of a handful of idealistic companies and researchers at Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland is now state-of-the-art in many cases. Data Sharing is the future of data management — this viewpoint is now not only held by multiple global corporations, analysts, researchers and influencers. The European Commission is now also adapting this approach in its current Data Governance Act.

The bill is intended to create a framework that facilitates data sharing. Furthermore, the EU policy also defines the rules for the involved parties and competitors in order to ensure the highest possible level of transparency and fairness throughout the data sharing ecosystem.

EU Data Governance Act

Workshop as a prelude to regular dialogue

At an informal workshop on October 7, 2021, initiated by Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Managing Director at Fraunhofer ISST and Chair of Industrial Information Management at TU Dortmund University, representatives of the European Parliament met with representatives of various companies to discuss the current status of the bill. As a pioneer in the field of collaborative data management, CDQ also had a seat at the table. Our CTO, Dr. Kai Hüner, was able to provide the participants with an overview of the current status of the data sharing approach as well as explain the advantages for the members of our Data Sharing Community.

Dr. Kai Hüner, CTO of CDQ AG

Kai Hüner: "We welcome the guard rails that the EU wants to introduce with the Data Governance Act because it creates a resilient legal basis. The fact that policymakers are seeking intensive dialogue with the involved parties in advance of implementation is a positive sign.” He remains poised regarding the regulations contained in the bill: “As a pioneer in the collaborative management of business partner data, we prioritized the highest possible level of transparency from the beginning, so our services are now already in line with the future EU regulations of this ecosystem."

In addition to the opportunity to get up to date on the Data Governance Act, company representatives also used the event to formulate concrete suggestions for improvement as well as their expectations of policymakers.

However, this will not remain a one-off exchange: The initial workshop is intended to serve as a prelude to regular dialogue with the EU in the future.

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