Automated data quality improvement with zero maintenance

Software solution for maintaining high data quality over time

Customer and vendor data quality decreases over time due to things like address and name changes, M&As, or insolvencies. Keeping the information up to date manually is complex and requires a lot of global effort.

Our Continuous Data Quality Improvement product takes over the labor-intensive tasks of monitoring the quality of business partner data and identifying any changes that apply to a record. We also send you regular data quality reports  and automated updates that can be easily imported into your ERP or CRM system.

Data Maintenance Automation

Rule-based maintenance cuts costs in data management

Manually approving change requests is a high cost and effort driver while often providing no  improvement of the data. From experience, more than 80% of the inquiries are correct and therefore not modified by additional reviews implemented in data maintenance workflows.

Our product provides automation rules to ensure that only records that apply to special criteria are manually checked. Updates from the community data pool or from other trusted sources can also be automatically approved.

Automated business partner updates

Validated updates from peers & trusted data sources

By monitoring over 60 trusted data sources with over 180 million records and updates from the Data Sharing Community, we provide you with continuous updates of your business partner master data, proactively and automatically. You get updates from us that can be imported with just one click. Or you can configure your workflows to accept certain changes automatically.

Incoming updates can be tailored to your preferences so that you receive only the specific information you need.

Regular Data Status Reporting

Keep track of your data quality

Our Cloud Platform provides regular, pre-defined reports on the status of your corporate data quality, offering deep insights for different lines of business, e.g., sales, procurement, or IT.

In addition, our Continuous Data Quality Improvement application benchmarks data quality, maintenance performance, and other key performance indicators against industry peers and the members of the Data Sharing Community.

More capabilities of our Continuous Data Quality Improvement application

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